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From Physio to Farm

Posted: June 30, 2021
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From Physio to Farm

New ‘BioWaveGO’ Pain Relief Machine has a positive impact for Cornish Pirates player John Stevens.

Cornish Pirates player John Stevens is a busy young man, combining the demands of being a professional rugby player alongside the needs of working locally on the family farm.

All will be aware that both playing rugby and farm work are physically intensive occupations, with enduring pain at times an accepted fact of life. For John to successfully manage both his roles on the field and on the farm, effective pain management has formed an essential part of his rehabilitation plan.

Some jobs can be very physical and other jobs – you can be sat in the tractor! The pain management does help, especially now recently that we’ve been playing and calving. If you’ve got to get a cow and tag them, you can be sore. You realise it especially Sunday or Monday morning when you’re trying to get out and do something and maybe your shoulders are stiff, and you’ve got to lift something above your head.

Following the partnership between BioWave and Cornish Pirates for the 2020/21 season, John’s rehabilitation plan has relied on the use the BioWaveGO – a pain management tool which aids rehabilitation without the need or reliance on pain-relief drugs.

With the nature of the position I play, you tend to have to make quite a few tackles so for the shoulders and neck it [BioWaveGO] helps. If I’ve got to rush home to do something after training and I haven’t got to sit there and wait for a couple of hours to use the machine if other lads are, it means I can come home and jump on the BioWaveGO in the evening, and it helps a lot.

Other members of the Cornish Pirates squad also now use the BioWaveGo machine, under guidance and as recommended by the club’s Head Physiotherapist, Simon Edwards, who has commented:

The BioWaveGO system is both small and very user friendly. There is a simple app to download which controls the unit, and as the unit is small it can be operated either static or portably, allowing the user to have treatment in any situation.

Also elaborating further reference the benefits of using BioWaveGO over pain-relief drugs, Simon said:

There are a lot of reasons to use BioWaveGO over pain medication. Medication is always a difficult decision as most drugs are not without risk, either in terms of side effects, addiction, and overuse to name but a few issues. BioWaveGO allows the user very real pain relief without any of those risks mentioned and, being simple to use and rechargeable, it effectively doesn’t run out at an inopportune moment.

BioWaveGO is easy to use and can help support pain management and physical rehabilitation for everyone. So, whether you are suffering from chronic back pain due to a labour-intensive job, joint pain from a condition like arthritis or treating acute pain from a sports injury – BioWaveGO helps you forget about pain – and get on being you. BioWaveGO is available to buy now.

For further information from BioWaveGO on pain relief and what you can do to relieve your symptoms, visit the Pain, Explained section of their website.

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