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Cornish Pirates – Awards 2019/20

Posted: April 23, 2020
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Cornish Pirates – Awards 2019/20
Award 8

Clubman of the Year

First presented to Des Thomas in 1986, this trophy is traditionally awarded to a person who is considered to have made the most significant contribution to the club during the year. There are always many good candidates, and it is inevitably never an easy choice.

Previous winners are: 1986 Des Thomas, 1987 Kenny Gilbert, 1988 Phil Westren, 1989 Paul Greaves, 1990 John Stirling, 1991 Bernard Dawe, 1992 Phil Harvey, 1993 Ann Jeffery, 1994 Nicky Brooks, 1995 Dave Trembath, 1996 John Gendall, 1997 Mike Larkins, 1998 Phil Westren, 1999 Robin Turner, 2000 Noel Green, 2001 Graham Paul, 2002 Dave Berryman, 2003 Phil Westren, 2004 Colin Lawry, 2005 Alan Matthews, 2006 Scott Dugdale, 2007 Dave Berryman, 2008 Wendy Nicholas & Trevor Swann, 2009 Scott Dugdale, 2010 Tom Tree, 2011 Geoff Read & Jan Rendall, 2012 Trevor Swann (Posthumously) & Kevin Osborne, 2013 Bobby Jacka, 2014 Alan Cragg, 2015 Madeleine Nicholls, 2016 Alan Cragg, 2017 Bobby Jacka, 2018 Stan Thomas, 2019 Tom Channon.

As for 2020, the award goes to someone who besides performing well on the field has always shown a willingness to contribute when and where he can, all in a quiet non fuss manner. Congratulations – Will Cargill.

Cornish Pirates‘ Joint Head Coaches Alan Paver and Gavin Cattle have both commented reference Will’s award.

Alan said:

Obviously Will is a huge part of what we do on the field, but even more so, which isn’t always seen, is his contribution away from the playing surface. He is called upon daily to perform different things for the club and without exception he will always do it with a smile on his face. I think this award could not be more deserved and this was a unanimous decision for us.

Gavin added:

My personal reason for voting for Will for this award was that he always steps up for off-field duties and always puts the team first. He has a big influence amongst the squad, and I can always count on him when the chips are down.

Note: The next 2019/20 award to be announced will be at 12 noon tomorrow.

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