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Cornish Pirates – Awards 2019/20

Posted: April 26, 2020
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Cornish Pirates – Awards 2019/20
Award 13

Player of the Year

And so, to the final 2019/20 award!

Jamie Dean was the first winner of this important award which was introduced back in 1986. Of interest another former club captain, Adrian Bick, has the distinction of having won it on three occasions.

Previous winners are: 1986 Jamie Dean, 1987 Dave Roberts, 1988 Bob Henderson, 1989 Neil Wearne, 1990 Steve Berryman, 1991 Keith Terry, 1992 Steve Larkins, 1993 Simon Stone, 1994 Mark Savage, 1995 Adrian Bick, 1996 Martin Murrish, 1997 Adrian Bick, 1998 Adrian Bick, 1999 Victor Olonga, 2000 Richard Newton, 2001 Kevin Penrose, 2002 Steve Evans, 2003 Joe Bearman, 2004 Ricky Pellow, 2005 Iva Motusaga, 2006 Gavin Cattle, 2007 Tim Cowley, 2008 Tim Cowley, 2009 Heino Senekal, 2010 Dave Ward, 2011 Jonny Bentley, 2012 Dave Ward, 2013 Matt Evans, 2014 Chris Morgan, 2015 Darren Barry, 2016 Toby May, 2017 Nicolas De Battista, 2018 Kyle Moyle, 2019 Kyle Moyle.

As for the winner this year, it is someone who has now played two seasons for the club, albeit the latter a Coronavirus-curtailed one. Throughout providing a strong midfield presence, he has also this season alone scored an impressive 12 tries. The winner is – Callum Patterson.

Congratulating Callum on his award, Cornish Pirates’ Joint Head Coaches Alan Paver and Gavin Cattle have both commented.
Alan said:

What a competitor. There is not a training session that goes by where I don’t see his shirt being ripped off his back or seeing his passion being unleashed on someone, you just see the competitiveness week in week out. The shear amount of games he has played since he’s been here and the heart he puts into every one of those games is applaudable. Off the field he couldn’t be more contrasting, a nice quietly spoken guy who gets along with all supporters and staff and is thoroughly deserving of this award. He has had an outstanding season.

Gavin added:

Cal hit the ground running this season and didn’t stop. He has been a shining light in a position that is very competitive with the likes of Shae, Rory, Nico and Javi. He fully deserves this award for his continuous hard work and strong performances.

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