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Comfort for Callum

Posted: June 1, 2020
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Comfort for Callum

Player Sponsorship Confirmed with Aussie Soles

The Cornish Pirates are delighted to confirm that Aussie Soles will be sponsoring centre Callum Patterson next season. This is good news for Callum, as confirmed by our Lead Physiotherapist Simon Edwards, who has commented:

I have been using Aussie Soles myself and have also encouraged members of our playing squad to use them.

The first thing to say is how practical and lightweight they are. However, this belies their superb durability. Since first being introduced to Aussie Soles I have made a habit of using them as a recovery tool for me personally and for our squad. They have some pretty unique features, for what we would normally consider a flip-flop.

Firstly, as previously mentioned, they are very durable, plus they have a comfortable heel cup and a well-crafted medial arch support. Coupled with that they have a toe grip, which means that unlike the traditional flip-flop they stay in place instead of sliding around.

The players are using them post heavy ‘on feet’ sessions and the feedback has been extremely encouraging. As for me, they have become my go to for wearing on my lockdown walks to and from the beach, plus I wear them after all my on feet sessions.

A pleased Callum also said:

Firstly, I would like to say that it is a privilege to be teaming up with Aussie Soles this year.

Since wearing Aussie Soles I have felt a great improvement in knee pain, which is due to the orthotic arch support that is present in the sole of the flip-flop.

After a hard day’s training it’s nice to be able to ‘Relax Ya Feet’ and this is exactly what Aussie Soles have done for me and for other squad members.

More About Aussie Soles – by Aussie Soles

Born into the surfing community of Noosa, Queensland in 2003 we feel blessed to live, work and play in this paradise. Providing healthy footwear that makes our customers feel good has always been our goal.

How do we do it? Simple, really. By recognising the uniqueness of the human foot – Nature’s only example of an arch that’s designed to enhance mobility.

Going barefoot on the beach feels best but the modern world requires shoes. Aussie Soles try to bring a similar feeling of freedom to everyday life whilst supporting good foot health. This is why Aussie Soles are recommended by podiatrists.

Durable and vegan-friendly, their designs aid recovery post-exercise and comfort and support your feet all the way.

Go on – “Relax Ya Feet!” – also, for more information, please visit:

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