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A Christmas Message From Dicky Evans | Cornish Pirates

Posted: December 24, 2018
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A Christmas Message From Dicky Evans | Cornish Pirates


If you’ve got a good partner (or car for that matter) don’t ever think about changing it. Look after it well and it will look after you. I find the former generally outlasts the latter, but you get the gist I’m sure.
The same applies in business with employees who become good friends (EBFs) as opposed to friends who become employees (FBEs).
I generally find the latter gives way too much grief when I look for integrity, humour, capability and vision – and can’t find it. There are exceptions but, the failures usually outnumber the successes.
My first reaction when badly let down is always the same – cut the cancer out as soon as is feasible – and I live by that tenet (although it will definitely send waves and end friendships).

So, moving on, as we move towards cementing the Cornish Pirates into the minds of all good Cornish people worldwide through the Stadium For Cornwall project we have had to look inwardly at ensuring we are fit on all fronts to take on the mantle that is there to be grasped.

We are already way down the road to getting the Stadium built (STADBUILD), funded as well as managed (STADOP) with new staff on board working together with existing staff and sponsors to ensure we are fit for purpose when we open the doors at Threemilestone in 2020.

This has obviously included consideration of the players & coaching staff that we think are the people to take us onto the next step (the intermediate phase as it were) for the next three years of participation in the Championship.
Whether we make the actual breakthrough to the final phase is down to many aspects, much of which will be outside our control, this phase obviously being the status of a Premiership side capable of holding our own in the top league.
The gap between us and the chosen few widens daily as we all know, but we must aspire to that end, otherwise why were we put on this planet if it wasn’t to leave it in better nick than when we came?

Consequently, if you’ve got this far through this message, you’re obviously a true Cornish Pirates fan and I am delighted to confirm that we have agreed new three year contracts with our joint head coaches, Paves and Gav, taking them up to the end of the intermediate phase – 2022.
I have worked with these guys through thick and thin since I appointed them in 2014 (Paves on a bench outside a Mousehole pub & Gavin in a car park at a Helston motel). We never spare the horses when it comes to home comforts for staff interviews.

As I said at the outset of this missive, once you find the partner, the car or even now the rugby coaches you respect for their integrity humour, capability and vision – stick by them.

I am sure you will join me in congratulating these two new EBFs on their appointments as joint head coaches of the Cornish Pirates, answerable only to the Board of the Club.

Furthermore, I would like to acknowledge the financial support provided by my top EBF, and co-Director, Martin Hudson for his unstinting support to the club and, in particular, for upping this support to help us meet the commitment on securing the services of Gav & Paves for the foreseeable.

Have a great Christmas and here’s to a top New Year.

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