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Testicular Cancer Awareness Month

Posted: April 13, 2021
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Testicular Cancer Awareness Month

April is Testicular Cancer awareness month and we’ve teamed up with OddBalls to remind you of the importance checking yourselves!

OddBalls’ mission is to get people more comfortable talking about cancer. There are unfortunately still taboos associated with illnesses like Testicular Cancer, so it’s very important that people are able to talk about it. Raising awareness is vital to beating cancer.

Our partnership creating club underwear with OddBalls has a really important message. We know they’re the most comfortable underwear around, but OddBalls acts as a daily reminder to consider the dangers of cancer. We’re delighted to say our partnership with OddBalls has contributed to the £600’000 OddBalls have been able to donate to cancer charities.

This April, we’ve created a bespoke Cornish Pirates Check Yourself Guide which we will be sharing during April in aid of testicular cancer awareness month.

2300 men each year in the UK are diagnosed with Testicular Cancer, so make sure you’re checking yourself for lumps and bumps.

If you fancy checking out our partnership, Cornish Pirates OddBalls underwear range is available in our online retail stores!


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