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Pirates Made Welcome at Penzance Bowling Club

Posted: September 26, 2018
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Pirates Made Welcome at Penzance Bowling Club

Kindly invited by Penzance Bowling Club to give a game of bowls a go, members of the Cornish Pirates squad recently took up the offer and were made most welcome. The players who keenly participated were club captain Brett Beukeboom, Dan Frost, Danny Cutmore, Maliq Holden, Javier Rojas Alvarez, and Harry Strong.

Following the visit, Penzance Bowling Club captain Mick Trevalsa contacted Cornish Pirates’ media officer Phil Westren to thank him for linking the arrangements. Mick commented:

Thank you very much for organising the bowling training session and game. This was a special occasion for us and we had an extremely enjoyable afternoon. I can’t imagine why we haven’t done it before!

Mick added:

I was pleasantly surprised to see so many players there, in addition to those who volunteered to take part. Probably best not to name names, but one or two certainly showed promise and, as you would expect, anticipated competitiveness!

Their camaraderie, team spirit and openly friendly manner impressed, and one can see how this must help to encourage their determination to succeed. The boys are a credit to the Cornish Pirates, their Coaches, rugby generally and, of course, to Penzance.

It was a pleasure to entertain them in a small way and I hope they’ll be back next season – or even during the winter on our Short Mat!

The visit, which took place on the Friday ahead of the recent Cornish Pirates versus Richmond match, drew the extra comment from Mick, who said:

All the best for Sunday, we’ll be watching the game with renewed interest in the knowledge that no serious injuries were inflicted on the green!

Happily, there weren’t.

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