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Chris’s Talk Provided Immense Enjoyment!

Posted: December 5, 2019
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Chris’s Talk Provided Immense Enjoyment!

Organised through Active Plus and following the launch earlier this year of ‘Connecting Penzance’, as previously mentioned the Pirates of Penzance & Newlyn RFC have been keen to respond. The club understands the need to reduce loneliness by lending support and advertising the CPZ deliveries being given to groups around town.

At the time of the launch, Danny Daniell from Active Plus commented:

Connecting Penzance is a great opportunity to do something different, meet new friends and take full benefit of what Penzance has to offer.

Events have taken place weekly at the Pirates ‘Westholme’ clubhouse, a recent such one seeing Kiwi Chris Stirling, Director of Rugby at the Cornish Pirates, providing an interesting insight into professional rugby and life in New Zealand.

The group members had prepared a list of questions, some on rugby but most regarding Chris’s experiences, including being away from home. For them they find it fascinating to hear about other ways of life and cultures, as made up of an older demographic the opportunity for travel in their younger days was far less than is the case today.

During his talk Chris mentioned that Penzance was very similar to parts of New Zealand he had previously worked in, whereby the rugby club is a big part of the community and that the players and staff all have their part to play. Even though Chris is a very busy man it was obvious throughout that he was prepared to give the group his time and answer their questions openly and honestly.

It was interesting when one of the ladies mentioned that she had always found the players around the club to be very polite. This led Chris to explaining how he would not bring players to the club purely on their rugby playing ability but that there was an ethical and moral ethos to also consider.

From the body language and attention shown throughout the session it was obvious that the attendees enjoyed Chris’s talk immensely. It is also further evident that they gain a lot from attending each week, the sessions providing an additional avenue for them to reduce their loneliness.

A selection of comments following the talk that Chris delivered are worthy to note. They were as follows:

Mr Stirling was a very nice young man (he’ll like that!), so please thank him again on our behalf.

Just by coming here and hearing Mr Stirling talk made me feel much more a part of the wider community. I’m so glad that we get to have these meetings.

I nearly didn’t come today because I thought it would all be about rugby, but as usual the Monday club has made me feel part of the team and it was a very interesting talk.

In conclusion, well done Chris and well done also to Active Plus for helping to connect Penzance.

More About Active Plus

Active Plus is a Community Interest Company. Established in 2011, it is an organisation that is excited to be part of the drive to make Penzance loneliness free. Their wounded, injured and sick military veterans work alongside organisations, groups and business in the town to make sure that nobody feels left out and that everyone knows what’s going on!

Through Connecting Penzance, individuals are able to link with like-minded people, join groups with shared interests and contribute to a sense of wellbeing of all involved.

If you’d like to know more, or know someone who would benefit from support or can help us to make Penzance loneliness free, then please contact Active Plus either by email at [email protected] or telephone 01326 567174.

Also, for further information, please visit www.activeplus.org.uk
This important Connecting Penzance initiative is funded by UK Government and the National Lottery Community Fund.

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