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Watch Pirates TV On Your Own TV


Connecting a PC or laptop to your television

It should be easy to watch Pirates TV on your home TV or through a projector on a Big Screen.

However, there are a few things to bear in mind to get it right:

These are mainly, screen resolution, compatibility and getting the right cables.

If this is your first attempt to do this, we recomend you do it well in advance of the match.

How to Connect Laptop to TV: Cable Options

Conecting your PC or laptop to a TV is generally done using a cable.

You should be able to find any of these at an electronics or computer shop, the best place is usually your local computer shop where the staff are generally more knowledgeable and helpful.

PC Outputs
Common Connectors on rear of PC

On a Laptop
Example On a Laptop (Different makes may vary)

*Depending on your computer specification, you may have to connect the sound separately.


S-Video is perhaps the most common method, most TVs these days are equipped with an S-Video port.

Before buying an S-Video cable, take a look at your computer and make sure it’s equipped with an S-Video port (it should be clearly labelled).

There are two different types of S-Video cable, four pin and seven pin. Check the TV and your laptop.

If they both have the same number of pins the TV will display whatever is on your laptop monitor.

However, if your laptop has seven pins and your TV has four, you’re going to have to look into other options.


VGA is probably your best bet if you’re working with an HDTV. VGA gives better image and sound quality*

However, VGA ports aren’t very common on CRT TV sets, so this option is only really available with Flat Screen TVs.

VGA is a good option if your PC Is more than 2metres from the TV as you can buy the cables in a variety of lengths.


Digital Visual Interface. DVI gives the best quality image and sound*. Not all computers have a DVI port, and only Flat Screen TVs have a DVI port.


HDMI will give you the best quality. HDMI ports are rare on laptops and PCs, so you may need a DVI-to-HDMI cable.

Mirroring (cloning) Your PC/laptop on TV

If this doesn't happen automatically there are a few steps to take:

Either visit Microsoft Knowledge Base: Connect your computer to a TV

Or follow these instructions

Windows 7

1 - Go To Control Panel and click Appeance and Personalization



2 - On next screen click Connect to an external display



3 - On next screen select Duplicate these Displays - click Apply then OK.

The your TV should now show the same image as your PC/Laptop.

If you are still experiencing problems got to Google and search for:- Connect Windows 7 to TV



Windows Vista

Is similar to Windows 7 except that you may have to access your graphics control to make the final setting.

1 - Go To Control Panel and click Display Settings


2 - On next screen click Advanced Settings


3 - On next screen select the Item that appers in the Top Right Hand Corner
The name will probably vary depending on your computer


4 - On next screen select Dual Display Clone, then apply followed by OK.

If you are still experiencing problems got to Google and search for:- Connect Windows Vista to TV