New Toys for Treliske

Toy Appeal

Friday 9th June 2017


New Toys for Treliske

The Benbow Toy Appeal organised by the Cornish Pirates has enabled the Royal Cornwall Hospital Treliske (RCHT) to buy 700 toys for children visiting the Clinical Imaging Department.

To add to that number, a toy drop at the club saw further new toys donated whilst a match day collection also raised over £411 towards the appeal.

oys play a valuable part in helping nervous children relax.

Young children often find the scanning process a daunting experience and the toys play a valuable part in helping nervous children relax.

Cornish Pirates’ captain Chris Morgan and recent signing Toby Freeman visited Treliske this week and witnessed first-hand the importance of the new toys.

Thanking the Pirates, Naomi Burden, Quality & Governance Radiographer at RCHT, said:  “Thanks to the Pirates we have bought 700 toys which will be given to children as part of their imaging procedure, which may be a CT, MRI, ultrasound, nuclear medicine scan or X-ray!

“Toys are a fantastic reward for a child who has helped us get the best image to diagnose or monitor their condition or complaint.”

“We’ll be distributing to all our imaging departments and locations over the next few weeks, so a huge thanks to the Cornish Pirates for supporting us in this.”

The Clinical Imaging Service at the Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust includes X-ray services across the County from Stratton to the Isles of Scilly.

Pictured above with Cornish Pirates’ representatives Toby Freeman and Chris Morgan are Clinical Imaging Service team members Patrick McDermott, Jack Dyer, Cameron Barclay and Katie Giles.