Alan Paver & Gavin Cattle - New Zealand Done & Dusted

Gavin & Paves Return

Monday 6th June 2016


Alan Paver & Gavin Cattle - New Zealand Done & Dusted

Alan Paver and Gavin Cattle have returned from their trip to New Zealand with renewed vigour and enhanced expertise, ready to lead today’s start of pre-season training.

Super 15 environment

Two weeks with Chris Stirling and the Hurricanes in a Super 15 environment has given our coaching duo an in-depth insight into the workings of a top New Zealand rugby club.

Chris - who is now High Performance Manager with the Hurricanes – set up 1-to-1 time with all his coaching staff, for a detailed and intensive introduction into their methodology and training practises.

The attention to every detail in pre match preparation certainly gave them much to think about, and it is this facet that they intend to bring to the Pirates this pre-season.

Speaking on their return to Cornwall, Alan Paver said: “Everyone was very approachable and willing to help, giving freely their personal time to share rugby experience and knowledge.

Seeing first-hand how things are structured as a club, how each individual department operates and inter-links with each other gave us great insight and to think beyond just the on pitch matters”.

The trip was only made possible thanks to the generosity of Richard and Sue Cockram who funded their flight costs.

Both Alan and Gavin were unanimous in their appreciation and said: “Having exposure to the Hurricanes environment will certainly be of benefit to us as coaches, and is something that will help us raise standards within the Pirates environment.

“It is also because of Richard and Sue’s contribution that we were able to participate in such a fantastic experience, so our sincere thanks to them.”