Brett's Shirt Gift to Syrian Refugee Boys

Aleppo Boys

Thursday 2nd June 2016


Brett's Shirt Gift to Syrian Refugee Boys

Whilst on close season break in his native Canada, Cornish Pirates’ Canadian international Brett Beukeboom has gifted one of his game-worn and signed Canada rugby shirts to two young Syrian refugee children.

The boys, Ahmed and Mohammed, have recently arrived in Canada via Turkey, from Aleppo in Northern Syria and having recently been introduced to Rugby have quickly grown to like the game

As Brett told us: “The pair have had quite a journey in their young lives and their story is quite remarkable.

They fled the war-torn streets of Aleppo in Syria nearly two years ago and were in the south of Turkey for two years before travelling to Canada.

“Hosted and sponsored by the family of Gareth Callaway and his wife Dayna, Ahmed and Mohammed have been given the opportunity to settle in a safe country, away from the inhumane dangers they had experienced.”

“To help with their transition from Syria and Turkey to Canada, a few weeks ago Gareth took Ahmed and Mohammed to play rugby at the Markham Irish Canadians Rugby Club, so the least I could do was to meet them there.”