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Locryn Williams The Squad Lyricist


Locryn Williams Resident Poet & Hooker/Back-Row

To Train And Play In Guernsey, What An Experience
August 2014

The day started early as we embarked on our trip
To train and play in Guernsey, what an experience
The sun was supposed to be shining, so happy could skip
But still the need was there, keep to a standard, show them brilliance

A smooth flight over, we were met by our hosts
Training coincided with the Guernsey team
The facilities were amazing, minus the football posts
Late as we were, they still were very keen
To show us what lay in store

Gym in the morning
Water we had been sipping
Weights had been dropping
And the sweat was now dripping

Paver took us for a scrum
While the backs painted their nail
All for the greater good, so much fun
Walking back like a dog with its legs encompassing its tail
All in all, whipped into shape..Paver's grin topping it off

Some then went to coach
The endless energy surprised us some more
But potential was there, future to poach
Now then was the time, to head to the food store

Day one was nearly over
But Chinos and Polo were now a must
As Ian, Morgs and Mevs still had the Q&A to manoeuvre
When we got back the wi-fi went bust
As relations were called and photos were stalled

Thursday was tiring as Frank made forwards sprint
Whilst the backs did weights, a parallel universe
And then off for more scrums, while some coached a stint
Town was beckoning, calling our purse
Intense training followed, getting a beating
From a team we were just done meeting

Friday was more chilled
As we went for a team run
At last the boiling hot air was stilled
As the rain pelted down, refreshing and fun
The team event followed as we started playing cards
Or watched Women's rugby, England connected regards

On Saturday, game day arrived
Facilities were gleaming
Crowds were gathering as the atmosphere thrived
Walking out the changing rooms, this is my younger self dreaming
Now I was fulfilling

The boys started strong, Jonesy tearing up the wing
The tackling was big and the crowd was loud
Back and forth went the Guernsey king
A fool could tell, his homeland was proud

The time went by and we played stronger
Perseverance and skill kept us together
Fitter, faster, stronger for longer
Slowly breathing harder

The end of the match had come
Congratulations were abundant
To them Guernsey, had never stopped
The guts and determination a message to all
A team to be reckoned with

And for us a learning curve
As the kids ran on
The enthusiasm they showed is what rugby is about
No fear for weather or the climate
Smiling is all I could do
The community is the same, the family has changed, bigger and just as tight
But belief is so much larger than light.