Jan Rendall Team Manager

Jan Rendall

Team Manager


Jan Rendall - Team Manager

Born in Mylor, Jan showed early sporting promise at the local Junior School and won the 'Sports day Cup' in his last two years before progressing onwards and upwards to Penryn Secondary School whom he represented at both rugby and football.

As true Mylor boy, and used to the sea, it was no surprise that at the age of 15 Jan joined the Royal Navy at HMS Ganges.

The first of many ships that he served on was that formidable and famous aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal, him attending many conflicts around the world during a 25 years period, including Northern Ireland, Bosnia, the Falkland Islands, and the Gulf.

Serving and helping others comes naturally to some, and Jan is one such person.

They are also traits that has seen him involved in incidents that gained justly deserved awards - the first for saving a 12 year old girl's life when he jumped off the stern of RFA Grange in Portland Harbour, and the second for leading a team of fire fighters on a large ship's fire.

Leaving the Navy in 1997, Jan joined the Royal Navy RNR, and is now working for the MoD at RNAS Culdrose Fire School.

Jan is married to Diane, the couple having five children - Samantha, who is married to a sailor and lives in Helston, Stephen, aged 27 who is married also in the Navy and lives in Mullion, Lee in the spirit world who would be 24, and Thomas 19 and Matthew 15 who are both good at rugby. Jan and Diane also have a grand daughter called Aaliyha.

In his rugby playing days Jan represented Penryn, Malone (NI), the Royal Navy, Naval Air Command, and Bermuda, besides also boxing for the Navy and being a member of the 1979 Fleet Air Arm Field Gun Crew.

A person who has helped the Cornwall RFU as a physio in the past.. He has been at the Pirates for ten years, the bubbly character someone who is an important member of the back-up team.

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