Naughty Boys Corner

Naughty Boys Corner

Even Lowderdown From Naughty Boys Corner


View From Naughty Boys Corner

Naughty Boys Corner is a new exclusive feature in our match day programme

These stories written by the fans will be re-published here around 2 weeks after they have appeared in print.

To the left of the grandstand you’ll find ‘Naughty Boys’ Corner’. This scurvy-ridden enclave typically contains a heady cocktail of Cornish, exiles and those we’ve adopted – even from Yorkshire, as it happens - conspiring to cause a little mayhem on match day.

  • Rob Nicholls - Issue 1

    Rob Nicholls - Issue 1

    Sunday 7th September 2014

    To wit, we aspire to be livelier than a ferret down Compo's trouser leg, to shout longer than the Emmerdale omnibus and louder than the Grimethorpe Collliery Band at Nationals.

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