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Archive Antics

Phil's 'Archive Antics'


Phil's 'Archive Antics'

By Phil Westren

Over the years club archivist and media man Phil Westren has compiled literally hundreds of 'archive antics' columns for our match programmes, which are also considered well worthy of display on our website.

As they appear, we hope you find them of interest!

  • The Tom Richards Cup – Have Your Heard Of It?

    The Tom Richards Cup

    The Tom Richards Cup – Have Your Heard Of It?

    As rugby supporters eagerly await the outcome of this weekend's third and deciding test match between Australia and the British & Irish Lions, , it is wondered...

  • A Night Of Nostalgia

    A Night Of Nostalgia

    Phil Westren's Talk at The Clubhouse

    Club archivist and media man Phil Westren gave a talk and displayed nostalgic photographic images at an event held in the Pirates 'Westholme' clubhouse

  • 2012 At A Glance

    2012 At A Glance

    Phil Westren Looks Back at 2012

    Umm, the years seem to roll by far too quickly, but what of 2012? Well, we lost 32-13 away to Bedford Blues on New Year's Day, and then went unbeaten in seven .....

  • Alberto Di Bernardo

    Remembering 'Signore Cool'

    Phil's Archive Antics 11

    It is over five years now since I last announced over the PA System the words "The conversion for the Pirates was kicked by No. 10, Alberto....Di.....Bernardo!"

  • Phil's 'Archive Antics

    Cornwall's 1908 Olympic Silver

    Phil's Archive Antics 10

    With the 2012 London Olympics come to a close, and what great competition we have seen, rugby-wise it is an opportune time to look back to our capital's first......

  • Phil's 'Archive Antics

    Stack's South African Exploits

    Phil's Archive Antics 9

    During a June month when England's players strived unsuccessfully to achieve victory in South Africa, it is an opportune time to look back 40 years and highlight an..

  • Phil's 'Archive Antics

    London Cornish Dinner 2012

    Phil's Archive Antics 8

    This archive page has a slightly different slant to usual, as it also combines to take the opportunity to advise that another important 'exiles' club, London Cornish ...

  • Phil's 'Archive Antics

    Who Could Have Foreseen

    Phil's Archive Antics 7

    We have been delighted to rub shoulders with some historic clubs over the years, including among them the 'Green & Whites' of Nottingham. In one particular ....

  • Phil's 'Archive Antics

    Mike Alder

    Phil's Archive Antics 6

    You can spot someone when they're in a nostalgic frame of mind, as their actions and body language give them away. A couple of years back, whilst looking out..

  • Phil's 'Archive Antics

    Photo From 'Hoss'

    Phil's Archive Antics 5

    Out of the blue a couple of years or so ago, an old friend of mine called Adrian Richards, nicknamed 'Hoss' in his younger days (because he was a big ....

  • Walter' Finds A Home

    Walter' Finds A Home

    Phil's 'Archive Antics' 4

    Nearly 64 years ago, on the 13th. September, 1947, a combined Cornwall & Devon team played Australia at the Recreation Ground, Camborne......

  • A lot can happen in a decade!

    A lot can happen in a decade!

    Phil's 'Archive Antics' 3

    The year 1987 saw the introduction of the Courage English Club Championship, when the Pirates played their first game in the Cornwall & Devon League ......

  • Phil's 'Archive Antics

    Bedford and the Pirates 1957-58

    Phil's 'Archive Antics' 2

    We first played good associates in Bedford over 50 years ago on the 7 th. April, 1958, the match taking place back at the Mennaye Field, Penzance, which......

  • Phil's 'Archive Antics

    When Reason Was Wrong

    Phil's 'Archive Antics' 1

    The New Zealand national side has made a number of visits to Cornwall over the years, starting with the 1st 'All Blacks' who played Cornwall at Camborne in 1905. .

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