20 Questions: Paul & Jack Andrew

Paul & Jack

Thursday 13th April 2017


20 Questions - Paul & Jack Andrew

      Paul Jack
1 What team did you support growing up?   Tottenham Hotspur I had a Bath shirt once
2Did you play any other sports?   Sailing, football, judo, Brazilian jujitsu Squash, football and tried Judo
3What are your hobbies away from rugby?   Family Time Drinking coffee
4Do you have any nicknames?   A few but all too rude to be on here Big Ted
5Who is the toughest player you've ever played against?    Chris Hala'ufia (London Irish) Junior Fatialofa (Pirates)
6What is the highlight of your rugby career so far?   Winning the B&I Cup Competitive debut for Pirates
7Who was your rugby idol growing up?   Jack Andrew Paul Andrew
8On an away day, who do you sit next to on the coach?   I am a floater depending on how good the conversations are Duncs
9Who's the first person you call after a game?    The wife The wife
10What is your 'go to' meal?   Ham, Egg and Chips Chicken Tikka Masala
11What do you drink on a night out?   Lager Carlsberg
12What's your favourite film?   Ace Ventura Step Brothers
13Who is the best dancer in the club?    Chris Morgan Jake Parker
14Who is the best dressed?   Morgs - impeccable Pot (Rob Elloway) and his Polish trainers
15Who has the best banter?   John Stevens John Stevens
16Which player do you spend the most time with outside of rugby?   Probably each other
17Who in your squad would you not want to get tackled by?    Stevens because he's awkward and would accidentally kick me in the face Hog (Tom Channon) because he's so intense
18If you were stranded on a desert island with one team mate, who would you want it to be   Cheesman Bar Bartlett
19If you could have any player from Cornish Pirates history to make a return to the squad who would it be and why?   Peter Joyce - legend Rilers - good lad
20Finally, tell us something about yourself that the fans may not already know?   I used to play the Tuba I'm petrified of spiders



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