20 Questions - Alex O'Meara

Alex O'Meara

Tuesday January 31st 2017


20 Questions - Alex O'Meara

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Alex is in his 2nd season for the Pirates, in his first season as part of the Player Development Foundation he scored 10 tries and gained a full contract for this season.

Year of Birth: 1993
Nationality: Anglo Irish
Birthplace: Frimley
Height: 5’ 11” (1,78m)
Weight: 13st 4lbs (84kg)
Position: Wing/Full-Back
Previous Clubs: Camberley, Hartpury College
Honours: Ireland U20s, England Students
Signed June 2015
Debut 10s Tournament Mennaye Field August 2015
  1. What team did you support growing up? Manchester United - I didn't really follow rugby

  2. Did you play any other sports? Football

  3. What are your hobbies away from rugby? Cooking and Singing

  4. Do you have any nicknames? Omo

  5. Who is the toughest player you've ever played against? Anthony Watson - I was playing for my School LWC and he was playing for St George's Weybridge

  6. What is the highlight of your rugby career so far? Having 2 international honours

  7. Who was your rugby idol growing up? Alex Dancer

  8. On an away day, who do you sit next to on the coach? All on my own!!!

  9. Who's the first person you call after a game? My mum

  10. What is your 'go to' meal? Chilli Con Carne

  11. What do you drink on a night out? Lager/Jäger

  12. What's your favourite film? Batman - Dark Knight Trilogy

  13. Who is the best dancer in the club? Other than myself....Matt Bolwell is a close 2nd

  14. Who is the best dressed? Lozza May

  15. Who has the best banter? Alex Day

  16. Which player do you spend the most time with outside of rugby? The Ranch Boys, Dancer, Nico, B Man, Loz

  17. Who in your squad would you not want to get tackled by? Pauly Andrew

  18. If you were stranded on a desert island with one team mate, who would you want it to be? B Man because he thinks he's a cave man

  19. If you could have any player from Cornish Pirates history to make a return to the squad who would it be and why? Gav Cattle because I never played with him and would want to

  20. And, If you had to play any other position what would it be? 10

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Cornish Pirates v London Scottish
Sunday 5th February 2017

Gates - Food - Bars Open 12:30 / Kick Off 14:30


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