Penwith Area Summer Camp

Summer Camp

Tuesday 5th September 2017


Penwith Area Summer Camp

By Phil Westren

Penwith College has played host for the Penwith area Summer Camp run by the Cornish Pirates.

A total of 25 enthusiastic children participated in a rugby-filled day, that consisted of two very beneficial and intense coaching sessions.

Cornish Pirates’ Community Engagement Manager, Sam Teasdale, commented:

“The whole day was great, as the children were a dream to coach and we saw some real progress.”

The day concluded with an in-depth Q & A session involving Cornish Pirates squad members Christian Judge, Matt Bolwell, Alex O’Meara and Nico De Battista.

n-depth Q & A session involving Cornish Pirates squad members

Player Matt said:

“Credit was due all of the children for posing a number of excellent and interesting questions, which certainly got us thinking!”

Following the success of this year’s Summer Camps, the advice now is please keep an eye out for October half-term dates.

For further information on all Community Events please contact Community Engagement Manager Sam Teasdale

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