Chestnut Appeal Our Chosen Charity

Chestnut Appeal

Wednesday 5th July 2017


Chestnut Appeal Our Chosen Charity

AS we move towards the new season we are delighted to announce The Chestnut Appeal as our chosen charity for 2017/18.

Founded in 1999 at Derriford Hospital in Plymouth, The Chestnut Appeal is at the forefront of prostate cancer care right across the region.

It supports the very latest in treatments and technology that wouldn't be available without community fundraising and the Cornish Pirates are keen to play their part.

CEO Peter ChildSpeaking on behalf of the Cornish Pirates, CEO Peter Child said:
“It might surprise many to learn that prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men, thus working with The Chestnut Appeal this is something that we can help highlight.

“It is repeatedly stated that it is important to get more men talking about their health and to take action when they feel like something could be wrong, so we’ll be taking the opportunity to promote this through our players, our supporters, and the community in general, besides organising two match day collections during the season and incorporating The Chestnut Appeal logo on our shirts.”

More than 40,000 new cases of prostate cancer are diagnosed in the UK every year and yet less than 20% of men know where their prostate gland is or what it does, so a lot of work is clearly needed.

The charity has just started a large scale fundraising operation to bring MRi-Fusion to Cornwall so this partnership couldn't have been better timed. 

The purchase of the Ultrasound-MRi Fusion for Targeted Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer will mean a faster and more accurate diagnosis of this most common cancer in men.

Lesley-Ann Simpson, Director of the Chestnut Appeal, commented:
 “What I think is great about The Chestnut Appeal is that our donors can see what their fundraising efforts can do and we are so very grateful for all the help we receive in the community, YOU really do make a difference.

“This fundraising campaign for Cornwall is a huge undertaking and we need as much help as possible to ensure this happens.

We want as many men across the county of Cornwall to get access to this amazing technology. At a cost of £105,000 Ultrasound-MRi Fusion really is state of the art and with your help we can fusion the entire region."

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