We're Off To Play Aberavon Wizards Again

A Chat With Paul

Monday 11th July 2016


A Chat With Paul Andrew

With our first pre-season fixture a little over a month away, we caught up with long serving prop Paul Andrew to find out how he coped with injury last season and his path back to full fitness.

Asked how hard it was to sit on the side lines last season during his long recovery period, he told us: “Being injured can at times be a real mental challenge, and watching from the side-lines is a massive part of that.

It's a horrible feeling to see your team mates out there and there is nothing you can do to help them, but it is what is and all you can do is cheer them on.”

Pre-season can be a tough and challenging experience, we asked how do you stay motivated when the training gets tough and challenging?

“Pre-season is a tough time of year. We are being pushed to our limits physically and the coaches demand even more of us senior players. You have to manage your body and look after yourself.

The days of sprinting off with no warm up are gone! Not over training and getting enough rest and rehab is key. The coaches and strength and conditioning staff do a great job of looking after us.”

Do you set goals/objectives to aim for and if so how? Do you write them down, think about them, seek other options. Definitely, this is massive when you’re injured as well, it seems like you’re never going to be back!

The club helped me generously with this and I spoke to some great people about my goals. Mark Edmunson who is an elite sports mental coach helped me massively. He is a good friend of Alan paver who referred me to him and I’ve not looked back since!

What would a normal day of training be and what would you do? “At the moment we are doing a conditioning rugby session a weights session and a skills session every day, with rehab and physio chucked in as well”

What training drill do you dread the most? “FITNESS TESTING! “

How important is nutrition to your success and performance? “This time of year it's even more important as we are training so much! It's just keeping us front rowers on the straight and narrow!”

WE are currently planning an evening at the Mennaye in early August ahead of the first friendly, when there will be a chance to catch up with the players and generally have a fun evening, so look out for details here and on social media.

Also due to the late release of the fixtures, the EARLY BIRD Season Ticket Offer has been extended until Noon on Friday July 22nd. Click Here for an application form & more details.


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