from Biscovey Academy and St. Mewan School

Biscovey & St. Mewan

Wednesday 28th March 2017


Biscovey Academy and St. Mewan School Match Day Experience

Players from Biscovey Academy and St. Mewan School had a great time at the Mennaye on Sunday when their Cornish Pirates Match Day Experience coincided with the 34-17 win against Doncaster Knights

Youth participation is an important feature of Pirates Match Day and at Sunday’s game the young players were the centre of attention as they formed the flag waving tunnel for the players to run through on to the pitch.

For two of them, Riley from Biscovey Academy and Josh from St. Mewan School, it was particularly special as they were selected as the Match Day Mascots and accompanied Cornish Pirates’ captain Chris Morgan and Alex Day on to the pitch.

Following a scintillating first half - players from both schools took to the pitch for a half time exhibition of mini rugby.

Thanking the Pirates on behalf of St. Mewan School, teacher James Iliffe said: “Our thanks are once again to all at the Pirates for a enabling us to enjoy a great afternoon. Everyone had a fabulous time and what a fantastic match, beating Doncaster in style.

“All of the children were amazed by the size and power of the players, and although just a little nervous about themselves playing at half-time in front of such a big crowd, they simply loved it.”

If your club or school would like to participate in a match day experience, just drop an e-mail to our Community Engagement Manager Sam Teasdale at community@ and set the wheels in motion.

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