Cornish Pirates Support The Bee Plan For Cornwall

Tuesday 21st November 2016


Cornish Pirates Support The Bee Plan For Cornwall

The Cornish Pirates welcomed Friends of the Earth to the Mennaye yesterday to show support to the ‘The Bee Cause’ and the campaign for a BEE PLAN for Cornwall.

In support of ‘The Bee Cause’, thousands of Cornwall residents are urging Cornwall Council to ban the use of neonicotinoid pesticides from any land it owns or manages as part of a package of measures to help bees and other pollinators.

Cornwall Council is discussing the issue this week and this morning a giant bee will hand in a petition to the leader of the Council.

South West councils have been leading the way on protecting Britain’s bees, with Dorset and Devon county councils having already introduced pollinator action plans.

Bees are vital for pollinating our crops. But our bees are under threat. Since 1900, the UK has lost 20 species of bee, and a further 35 are considered under threat of extinction. Threats include habitat loss, intensive farming and the use of pesticides. Three neonicotinoid pesticides are currently severely restricted on UK fields – and there are concerns about other neonicotinoid pesticides too. 

Friends of the Earth South West campaigner Mike Birkin said: “Cornwall has a fantastic opportunity to take a lead in protecting our precious bees by introducing a pollinator action plan and banning the use of neonicotinoid pesticides on the land that it owns and manages.

“These pesticides come with a nasty sting in the tail for Britain’s bees – they shouldn’t be used on our fields, parks and gardens.Bees are vital for our crops. They look after us – we must do more to look after them too.”

Thanking the Pirates Mike added: “The prompt support of the Cornish Pirates is also greatly appreciated.”

You can find out more about The Bee Cause at

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